Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Chinese Gay Cum Fest

I was in China for business, but I was hoping I could hook up with some Chinese gay men. I had spent a week there, checking out possible partners for a new plant making tennis clothing and had had no luck hooking up. That was, until I took a side trip to Hong Kong.

I was tired from a week of hard work and decided to take advantage of the hotel's club facilities' steam room and pool. I was really disappointed about not finding any Chinese gay fun, but I knew that I was going to be home soon, so it took away a bit of the sting. Anyway, I stripped down to my briefest swimsuit, the one that showed off what I consider a nice, tasty bulge, and grabbed a seat up high in a corner of the steam room.

I was supposed to meet our Chinese partner, Mr. Chiang, but when I returned to my room, I found a note from him apologizing for having to miss our luncheon date, but saying that he had to miss our meeting, but was sending someone else in his place who I would find very satisfactory. I was very curious. Normally, I would have cancelled my table at the restaurant, and just had lunch sent up to the room so I could work, but since he was an important business contact, I couldn't slight him by not accepting his gift.

Well, when I got there at the appointed time, I found that I had a new partner for lunch, a beautiful twenty-year-old guy who had been in Mr. Chiang's entourage the whole time we had been looking over properties. I'd noticed him checking me out and had considered talking to him, but he only spoke Chinese, it seemed, and what I wanted to talk about wasn't the kind of thing you used a translator for. Right away, I found out that I was mistaken about his language abilities. He was a Hong Kong Chinese and could speak impeccable English. He said that his name was Xian and that speaking only in Chinese helped him gain a leg up on the competition, because sometimes people let things slip in conversation when they thought that he couldn't understand what they were saying. He also told me that he thought that I was very attractive and that he was a Chinese gay man who really liked Europeans and Americans.

We hurried through lunch, as Xian had told me that Chinese gay men were few and far between and that he was very horny. Once back in my room, I found out just how horny he was. He grabbed hold of my cock through my dress pants and squeezed and twisted it tightly and then used his grip to pull me over to the bed and throw me down. He had my pants unzipped and down around my ankles in seconds and began sucking and licking my cock. He was very gifted and had me hard almost immediately.

He got his pants off, too, and climbed into a sixty-nine position so that his Chinese gay cock was poised right above my lips. I did what came naturally and soon we were sucking each other off. His cock tasted sweet and warm, his precum flowed heavily. I loved that salty taste that I knew so well. His yellow-skinned torpedo was silky and the skin was so smooth. I enjoyed nibbling on his foreskin and burying my nose in his musky black patch of fur at the base of it.

He began tickling that sensitive spot just behind my balls with his tongue and lubed up his fingers with his spit. He slipped one of them up my ass, moving it slowly in and out, tickling my prostate as he kissed and licked the head of my dick. It sent electric shocks through my body. I never realized that Chinese gay sex could be so similar to our Western ways, but I guess there are just some pleasures that are universal.

I was so hot for him. It wasn't enough to have his fingers in me, I had to have his cock in me, too. It was thick and had a mushroom-shaped head. I let it slip from my lips and whispered to him, "Fuck me. Fuck me hard." Xian grinned and told me to roll over. He liked doing it doggy-style. Personally,
it's one of my favorites, too, as I really like to be fucked hard and feel like I'm being dominated totally.

I complied with his command, with my ass up in the air. I had a little fun wiggling it at him. He slapped it with his 7-inch cock a couple of times and I could feel my hot whore-hole itch as I thought about the gift I was about to receive. I'd been looking for this for the past month and now a Chinese
gay man was going to shag me senseless.

He began slowly, rubbing his head, slippery with precum, around the rim of my brown eye. I never have been with someone who put out so much precum before. After a he'd slicked me up pretty good, I felt the fat, broad head of his fuck stick pressing against my tight hole. As it slipped in, I gave out a moan. He buried it to the hilt and I could feel his wiry pubic hairs brushing up against my skin.

He started slowly, slipping his dick almost all the way out and then going in deep. He began to pick up speed and was squeezing my butt tight. He called me his little bitch. I loved that, the feeling of having this Chinese gay sex machine in control of me. He began going at it harder and the feeling as his cock rubbed against my prostate had me seeing stars. I could feel his balls slapping against me and his cock had gotten slick with his precum. It throbbed and felt so hot inside of me. I began thrusting my butt back at him, keeping in rhythm with his thrusts and forcing him as deep as he could go into me.

I tried to squeeze his dick tight, giving him more pleasure, and wanting to feel him shoot his molten goo. He began slapping me and pinching my ass. His rhythm intensified even more and I could tell from the way his cock was throbbing that he was almost ready to shoot. He began moaning and whispering in Chinese. I felt the shaft of his cock suddenly expand inside of me, pushing the walls of my hole out and then he shot his hot cum into me. I could feel it throb and spurt and then begin leaking from my ass and running down my thighs. I collapsed onto the bed, trembling and trying to squeeze him tighter, milking his Chinese gay dick for all it was worth.

After what seemed like ten minutes of his cum feeling my manpussy, he slipped out of me. He grabbed my shirt and wiped his cock off with it. Then he shoved it in my face and laughed. After we'd cleaned up in the shower, we laid there for a while in each other's arms, me snuggled into his shoulder. After a little rest to recover, we went at it again, this time with me on top. We kept at it all weekend. Never let anyone tell you a Chinese gay man has no staying power.

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