Thursday, August 16, 2007

For The Love of Indian Boys

Quick Legs and I laugh at our new friend, Taller Shadow. He boasts of having 'done it!' With his face full of anger nd fists raised to us from our disbelief, the older boy steps behind the storage shed to relieve himself. Quick Legs starts pounding on the shed wall. I join him. We won't allow Taller Shadow to escape such a fantastic boast.

My young friend ends his pounding to peek around the corner at the boy. I'm amazed at his boldness. I taunt Taller Shadow to return to us. I want him to tell us how he 'performed' with a girl to see if his boast is true.

Quick Legs peeks some more and giggles. I wonder what the older boy is doing behind the shed? My young friend gasps. Taller Shadow steps out naked to us. His right hand clutches his front cloth while his other hand pulls over his growing erection. He grins at my young friend as if knowing of his naughty peeking.

"What are you doing?" Quick Legs asks.

I smile at my friend's innocent question. Taller Shadow remains silent though. The youth curiously turns to me but I'm too embarrassed to say anything. I thought that all boys knew how to get their aching poles to wet. It's very bold of Taller Shadow to be performing this in front of us. I've always handled myself alone in the woods. The boy's brazen display is exciting. We watch him excite himself further.

I timidly look over Taller Shadow's straining body. His shoulders are broad; his arms strong and beautiful in motion. Strength also shows in his breast and poised legs. He has a few dark hairs sprouting from his armpits and a crop grows above his dick. The rounded sac of his balls is almost a handful. He's kept on his rear cloth over his butt. Taller Shadow is still considered a boy in our tribe's eyes yet his body is nearly a man's.

Taller Shadow's fingers move quickly around his erection. He has a long, curved dick. The pink tip of it pops out ith each of his strokes. A wetness drips into his hand. He takes some up with his thumb and rubs it over the rest of his angry colored penis. He then begins a more violent act for us.
With fire in his eyes that seem to burn into me, Taller Shadow stabs through his clenched hand as if mounting a squaw. His butt humps in and out to the rhythm of a lustful drumbeat. Quick Legs glances at me with utter amazement filling his eyes. I know that the coming explosion will surprise my young friend even more.

"Why don't you join me?" asks Taller Shadow between breaths. "You seem old enough to make yours come out, Bright Leaf. You can handle your friend's little pole to show him the pleasure us older boys enjoy."

Quick Legs giggles nervously. I shake my head back and forth in reply. It's not that I'm afraid of trying. I don't want anyone to catch me handling myself or touching my friend's nakedness. We're not as bold as Taller Shadow.

"Let's go inside the storage shed," suggests the older boy. Seeing that I hesitate, Taller Shadow reminds us of our own naughty act. "I caught you being naked with your young friend in the outhouse." I lowermy head in embarrassment. His words bring me back to how this began.
Quick Legs and I had been exploring the far side of our reservation when we came upon an outhouse and a small storage shed. We were surprised by their discovery since there we no encampments nearby. Both were old structures. Their wooden walls were cracked and only an uncovered hole remained inside the outhouse. We made use of it.

It was the first time that we'd seen each other urinating. Our two yellow streams crossed above the hole. My young friend bore an erection. My own pole grew long from staring at his excitement. After we finished pissing, we stood silently and glanced at each other. I felt that Quick Legs wanted to try something with me so I dropped my breechclout and turned to him. His eyes grew bright from looking over my body. His two deerskin cloths joined mine on the dirt floor.

I hungrily reached for the youth's small body. He smiled at my interest. His balls were a small sackful below a stiff finger length pole. No groin hair. His butt was soft and exciting for me to touch. Timidly, the boy reached out for my body to pull on my groin hairs and to handle my long dick. He especially liked to rub over my butt. No words were spoken between us. This was a new experience for my young friend.

The boy seemed amazed by my longer dick. He glanced down at his smaller erection in dismay. I broke the silence by assuring my young friend that his pole would grow to my size by next summer. My body had been small like his only a year ago.

Quick Legs became shy. He turned away from me to look for his thong belt and two flaps. I trapped him in my arms. His warmth against me was very exciting and I was tempted to handle my dick. Yet I remained still. I didn't want our special moment together to end.

That's when Taller Shadow burst into the outhouse. He witnessed our naked embrace and laughed at us. As Quick Legs and I rushed to don our breechclouts, the boy claimed to have done that with a girl. He further boasted that he had even spermed her. That had us laughing back at him.

My foot gets stomped on by Taller Shadow. It takes me from my thoughts, especially when he embarrasses me by pointing to my front flap. My young friend also stares at the bulge pushing its way up my breechclout. My face begins to burn.

"I see that you're wanting to do it," says Taller Shadow. "Come inside if you're afraid of being seen. The shed door can be latched shut on the inside."

Taller Shadow stands beside the door. He holds it open and motions for us to go inside. I turn to my young friend and wordlessly gesture, 'do you want to go in and do things with this new boy?'

Quick Legs answers me by walking past the tall boy and into the storage shed. I shrug my shoulders and walk in. Taller Shadow grins as I pass him. He crowds in behind us. The door gets latched.

There's a lot of rubbish inside here. A part of the shed's roof has fallen in against one side. That only leaves some standing space near the door. I wonder if it's such a good idea to stay inside. The rest of the roof may come down on our heads!

Before I can decide whether or not to leave, a strong hand tugs on our thong belts to bare our bodies. We turn to an eager Taller Shadow. His dark eyes stare at my young friend's body and my own. He keeps on his rear flap for some reason. The front of him is still naked.

Our bodies huddle close together because of the small space. Quick Legs looks to me for guidance. I turn to the older boy and wait for him to start the things he's promised.

A strong hand starts feeling over my butt. Taller Shadow handles both of my cheeks with his fingers tracing down my crack. I gasp when he rubs over my hole. His other hand reaches for the front of me. I gasp when the boy pulls over my long dick. His strokes get my red tip to pop out. It's a very tickly sensation! Tremendous thrills build up in me.

"Has anyone ever handled you this way?" asks Taller Shadow. (His gentle hands continue to caress Bright Leaf's front and rear nakedness. He wants to enflame the boy to accept a deeper involvement of sex with him.)

I shake my head in reply. My young friend watches us with bright eyes. He giggles when I release a moan of pleasure from Taller Shadow's pullings around my dick. This boy will get me to explode soon.

"All older boys have need to do it," explains Taller Shadow. "Even a man if he has no squaw to attend him."

Quick Legs shouts, "I once saw a brave doing it to himself!"

"Which brave was it?" I ask in surprise. My young friend has never told me about this.

"I don't know his name..." lies Quick Legs.

"At least tell us what you saw!" I plead to my friend. We eagerly listen to the young boy's account.

"It happened two moons ago. A hunting party returned late to the tribe. I followed one of the braves to ask how he fared but paused outside the tipi when I saw him strip upon entering. I heard a skin rubbing sound in the darkness.

"The brave spied me at his doorway. He asked that I fetch some sticks to put on his fire pit. I knew that wasn't his reason for inviting me but I was drawn by his exciting manly display and did as he bade me.

"After building up the fire in the center of his tipi, the brave asked me to close the door flap. I knew that something interesting was going to happen between us because of his need for privacy. I stood and watched the man handle his long dick in the building fire light. He gestured for me to drop my two flaps.

"I was proud to show the man my erection in trade for seeing his long dick! The brave began singing a low chant of breathy words and moans. I danced around the fire to his lusty song. My pole swung against my belly with each of my 'hunting' steps. That made the man laugh.

"The brave entered into a deep spell. It was a little frightening to hear his loud moans and to watch his hands around his thrusting spear and flexing butt. His eyes had such a wild look in them, like your eyes now, Bright Leaf!"

My young friend pauses from his story to watch us. Taller Shadow pushes on my butt to get me to stab through his clenched fingers. My stomach feels tight. A thrilling wave builds up inside me. Yet my dick is getting chafed. I try ignoring the pain.

"Hold your breath," instructs Taller Shadow. "That helps it to come out." (He spits to his fingers and resumes handling Bright Leaf's erection.)

I close my eyes after doing what the boy asks. My dick no longer chafes. It slips easily through Taller Shadow's tight hand. The sweet thrills build up again. My lungs feel like they're going to burst though.

I gasp in surprise when feeling a finger push on my butthole. It slips in. Trapped between Taller Shadow's wonderful hands, the sensations of pain mixed with sweet pleasure becomes too much for me.

Quick Legs shouts with glea when squirts come from my dick. I cry out from the tremendous thrill of sperming. It makes me feel faint. A strong arm keeps me from falling while a hundred drums start beating inside my ears. I struggle to regain my breath.

"I want your butt," whispers Taller Shadow. (He holds the fainting boy to him while bringing his finger up to his nose. Its musky butt odor excites the older boy. He lusts to stick more than a finger upBright Leaf's hole.)

After a long moment to recover from my body's efforts, I open my eyes in the crowded storage shed. Quick Legs points to the dirt at my feet. A wet streak lies there. I'm embarrassed that I've been made to do that in front of these two boys.

"That's what the brave pissed out," Quick Legs explains. "The brave was rocking on his knees, his butt flexing wildly while his dick thrusted into his hand. He released his hot breath on me in a moan after wetting several times to my feet. I saw that it wasn't urine. He explained that it was manly seed that he had wanted to put inside me."

I shake my head at the young boy's story. Taller Shadow smiles knowingly. Does he understand what the brave had meant? I'm distracted from asking when my dick gets pulled on. The youth stares at the cum his hand has taken from me.

(After studying the clear release in the youth's palm, Taller Shadow announces): "it isn't the sperm of a man, Bright Leaf. You could put this in a girl and not fear getting her with a child. I first mounted a young squaw a few winters ago. She liked how my release was clear as yours. When it turned thick, she wouldn't have anything to do with me! Only young girls could have me sperm them without fear."

(Taller Shadow pauses to recall that one willing girl wasn't as young as he'd thought. They had embraced often to mate with each other in wild love. She became with child. It had been the reason for his arrival to this reservation, alone. Shaking his head from that memory, the older boy continues to brag.)

"I only service young girls who are curious to feel my dick inside them. I've been at this reservation for only a moon yet one girl has already allowed me to mount her!"

"Who is she?" I ask Taller Shadow in disbelief.

"I don't know her name," lies Taller Shadow. "But if you come back tomorrow morning she'll meet me at the outhouse. We've been making love here nearly every day. I've been giving her much sperm."

I nod my head at Taller Shadow's offer to spy on them. Quick Legs answers with a bright grin. We're both curious to see what he'll do with a girl in the outhouse.

"I want to try mounting you now," asks Taller Shadow. "I brought you to it so I'm really needing to release my dick!"

"Is that what the brave wanted to do with me?" asks Quick Legs in a whisper.

"I believe so," Taller Shadow replies. "Your hole wasn't matched to that man's size. My dick is smaller than a brave's while your friend's butt entrance is bigger than yours. Our bodies should fit together."

I shrug in reply to Quick Legs' curious glances. I too don't know what Taller Shadow means by his words. But I get a suspicion when the older boy drops to his knees and kisses my butt. He mouths over both my cheeks. It tickles me. He sticks his tongue through my crack while his hands open me there. I feel a wetness over my hole. The sensation makes me gasp in surprise from his very naughty act!

Quick Legs giggles. Too embarrassed to resist, I simply allow Taller Shadow to invade my innermost nakedness. The strange sensation of having my butthole licked makes me tense. His tongue penetrates me. The feeling is very sexual. It gets my pole to rise up against my belly.
Taller Shadow tongues my hole a few more times before standing behind me. He pants over my shoulder while his hands part my cheeks. I feel his dick slipping through the crack of my butt. The hard tip of it rubs over my hole. My eyes widen in disbelief. Is the boy going to try to rape me?!
I've heard the grim stories of lusty warriors who have mounted their fallen enemies. It's performed on injured or dying men who couldn't avoid the humility. Captured boys have also been known to be used like squaws. I'm curious to see how a male enters another but I don't want to endure the pain or any shame from it.

Taller Shadow grips my waist. He pokes his dick against my hole and sticks in! I gasp in pain. His arms keep me to him in a tight hold while below, our sweaty bodies connect. I feel like a wounded animal the boy has speared.

"It hurts!" I tell Taller Shadow. The boy tries to shoo me with calming words in my ear. Yet his body remains locked in mine. We stand motionless for many heartbeats. Quick Legs grins. He doesn't realizes what the older boy has done to me.

I test my strength against Taller Shadow. He manages to keep his arms around me. My butthole is filled with his hard dick. I'm embarrassed by how I've been caught. He had seen my young friend and I being naked together so I must endure this painful act. I also don't want my young friend to get hurt.

"Your butthole is tight around my dick," whispers Taller Shadow. "Don't fight it. The pain will subside when you relax your butt to my need! I'm going to enjoy mounting you, Bright Leaf. A boy is more exciting for me to seed than a girl."

Taller Shadow begins a man's motion in my butt. The stabbing pain is hard to endure. I feel tears fall to my cheeks. I'm embarrassed to have my young friend witnessing my weakness. A darkness fills my eyes. It's like a heavy storm cloud filling my head with lightning flashes of pain. I try to keep from losing myself.

(Silence fills the shed. Quick Legs realizes that his friend is being hurt. His small hands try prying the older boy's arms from around Bright Leaf's body. Yet Taller Shadow is too strong. Too determined to fuck his captured boy's ass until his seed flows.)

I sob in defeat. I'm barely aware of what's going on. Pain fills my very being. My butthole isn't hurting as much as before. Even when the older boy thrusts into it like a mad man. My spirit is crying out. I feel that I'm losing myself to strange sensations and dark emotions. It'll end when he finishes it so I try to endure it as I must.

A warmth embraces my chest. I open my eyes to find my young friend holding me. He buries his face in my arm. I'm comforted by his embrace and glad that he isn't staring at me. Taller shadow continues to stab into my tender butthole.

Strange thrills start building in me. It centers deep in my butt and shoots through my dick. I notice that I'm erected against Quick Legs. His pole is soft. Lust enflames my next actions. My hands reach down for my friend's butt and feel over its softness. I hold him closer so that our dicks can rub. My loins are building towards another release.

Quick Legs peers up at me. His eyes shine from our naked embrace. Between us, I feel his rising pole pressing against my erection. I'm able to ignore the pain of what the older boy is doing to my body because of my friend's warmth.

I grip my dear friend and begin our loving. My hands lift him with each of my lusty thrusts. Our poles rub harshly together at that moment. When I release him, our groins separate. I glance down to see that his stiff pole is like a stick against his belly. My larger dick seems unmatched to have proper sex with his.

Our bodies come together again. I see the sweet effort of it in my friend's bright eyes. He gives me a nice smile. Something touches me inside. A strange aching that wants me holding him in my arms forever. Is this what love feels like?

Quick Legs shows me such wonderful things on his face. I reveal to him what's in my heart. I'm filled with the joy and deep feelings of our friendship. I don't feel anything for Taller Shadow. He makes the motions of love with my body but nothing touches my heart from it.

Taller Shadow becomes frantic. Moans come through his nose as he gives kiss after kiss to my neck. Below, I feel his groin hairs crunching against my cheeks. I match the beat of loving Quick Legs to the older boy's use of my butthole. Together our hips sway, our groins grind and breaths blow out as moans from thrusting warm bodies.

The older boy ends his kisses to hold a breath. His thrusts become quick and deep. With a strong grip on my hips, Taller Shadow plunges into my ass to sperm me. His loud cry announces his lusty accomplishment. I feel the throbbing of his dick in me. His releases last for six heartbeats! Something deep in me also throbs. It gets my dick to shoot painfully to my friend's belly. My next squirts turn to tremendous pleasure. I release a loud moan while my spirit soars high to the clouds.
I open my eyes to Quick Legs' worried expression. I bring my hands up his heated back to give him a reassuring hug. Deep feelings swell in me. It's almost a pain in my heart to be holding my friend close like a lover.

Taller Shadow pulls from my slimy hole. He kneels behind me to bite both of my butt cheeks. I wince out from the mean act and hear hisbreath filled voice turn boastful.

"We're... bonded!" announces Taller Shadow. (He pauses to take a few urgent breaths.) "We're more than blood brothers. Our mating binds your spirit to mine. I may mount willing girls for their pleasure but it's with a boy that satisfies my loins and spirit. You're the first that I've spermed!"

Taller Shadow fills me with dread. Does he really think that our spirits have joined? That same fear is seen in the eyes of my dear friend. I rest my head on his small shoulder to ponder over it. Ours has been a great friendship. We have known each other forever! This older boy may seem wise but he's only a new friend. I listen to my heart and feel the truth become clear.

"You're still my best friend," I whisper to Quick Legs. Yet I feel something for Taller Shadow. His deeper thrusts made something in my butthole feel intense. My second release had been thrilling. As an older boy, Taller Shadow can show us much in the ways of making love.

Taller Shadow searches through the pile of breechclouts and dons his. He rushes out of the shed. As the wooden door closes with a bang, I feel something warm drop to my breast. It pains my heart to see my young friend crying. I pat his back while whispering comforting words to him. From a distance we hear Taller Shadow calling out to us.

"Remember to come here tomorrow morning..."

I shake my head. Many exciting things were shown us his day. My arms hold Quick Legs close to me for a long while. Was the youth disturbed by what he's seen? I look around the storage shed and grin. What will Taller Shadow do with a girl in here, I wonder? It'll be exciting towatch!

The young boy's tears end. His face is still red when he peers up at me. "I'm glad he's gone," Quick Legs whispers. "Tell me... how did it feel to sperm as a man?" (He gathers the clear wetting from his belly.)

I only shrug my shoulders and smile. How can I explain to a young boy what squirting it out is like? Quick Legs sniffs his wet hand. Hissexual curiosity makes me grin.

I bend over to pick up our breechclouts. My butt aches. I remain crouched until the sharp pain subsides. I'm startled when my friend slips his hand between my cheeks. He stares at the sticky essence that he's found there.

Quick Legs asks, "Taller Shadow squirted this to you from his dick?"

I peer into my friend's hand. Unlike my watery release, the older boy's sperm is thick and white. Truly a man's seed. He needs to perform more intense sexual acts to squirt it out, I suppose. Yet I don't want him to use my butt again.

I grin when my friend wipes his hand off on his balls. He reaches between my cheeks for more of Taller Shadow's sperm. His hand repeats the wetting ritual. I gently push more from my hole. It flows over my balls. I also use the older boy's powerful medicine to help bring maturity to my loins.
My slimy hand brings an erection to my dick. I'm amazed at it's growth. Hasn't it been satisfied enough this day? Quick Legs grins. He turns from me and slaps over his butt cheeks. I turn around and back myself onto his waiting backside. The young boy sighs when our warm bodies touch. Our hands reach for each other's hips. We rub butts. This is our special expression of love.

We keep this backward embrace for a long, tender moment. My heart is full for Quick Legs. I'm glad that the older boy had shown us how to make love. A crow's call from outside the shed startles us. My young friend pulls away. Our naked touching ends. I gather our breechclouts from the dirt floor with a weary sigh.

We're quick to don the pair of cloths. My young friend runs out the door, giggling, with me in pursuit. I glance back at the small shed for a brief moment and know that it'll always be a fond memory for me.

Early the next morning, Quick Legs and I hide ourselves near the old wooden shacks. We had talked long into the afternoon about coming here or not. My young friend feared that an adult might catch us. I assured him that we'd be keeping guard over Taller Shadow's act inside. Besides, I was curious to see how differently he makes love to a girl in his arms.

That boy's beastly act had him sperming into my butt. A thick release that was different from what I had squirted to Quick Legs. His was truly sperm. It wasn't given to me in love though. Only when I held my dear friend did I feel a deep thing in my heart as well as in my loins. I can achieve this even from a simple smile from the young boy. Our naked embrace satisfied both needs.

"There's Taller Shadow!" my friend excitedly whispers.We watch the boy run up the path with his thin breechclout flapping with each stride. I notice how small his cloths are. It's easy to view his butt and hairy loins from the side. A man's lengthy garment would be more appropriate for this boy's maturing body.

I raise my hand to Taller Shadow from our hiding place in the bushes. He spots me and waves back. My young friend giggles. I give the youth a stern look to quiet him. The older boy leans against the outhouse door to await the arrival of the girl that he's boasted about.

I'm not surprised that Taller Shadow uses this place for his secret meeting with a girl. The outhouse is far from the tribe and rarely used. Its state of disrepair will allow my friend and I to peek in through the cracks when they do it. I glance at Quick Legs. He gives me a sly smile as if thinking this same thing.

It becomes a lengthy wait. I become more and more convinced that nothing is going to happen this morning. I'm not doubting Taller Shadow's boast. The girl may have become fearful or desires to embrace him no longer.

I glance at my young friend beside me. He's also disappointed. I shrug my shoulders when feeling his unspoken question as to be leaving or not. I would like to stay a while longer. To witness Tall Shadow mounting a girl in his arms would be a most exciting and bold thing to see.

I grin at my young friend. He's crouched on his knees behind the tall bush. By leaning forward, the youth's front flap hangs away from his groin. I spy on his little penis. It surprises me that the youth can feel pleasure from sex. As a young boy, nothing can squirt from his pole. Yet he seems to enjoy the rubbing.

I peer through our bush protector at Taller Shadow. He's still alone. I wonder how long Quick Legs is willing to wait for that girl to show up. I'm willing to stay longer. What can we do to pass the time? I come up with an idea.

To distract the youth, I reach for the front of his body. My hand cups his warm little pole and balls. I begin a boy's common ritualthere. Quick Legs shyly accepts my touch.

I feel the boy's swelling in my hand. My own dick is getting hard. Quick Legs gives me a sly grin when my front flap pushes away from my groin. A sense of pride comes from showing the boy my manly excitement.

When my friend grows to full length, I begin handling it for him. A gentle up and down pulling over his stiff length. The youth closes his eyes. I reach down for my aching length to beat off as well.

Quick Legs pulls his front flap from his body. It makes my handling easier. The boy's red knob pops out from the thick skin. I notice how dry it is. No fluid of excitement comes from its tip. When my dick erects, a clear oozing always comes out. Taller Shadow's dick had it too. I suppose that Quick Legs is too young for sex. Yet I enjoyed making love to him.

My young friend shudders. A look of pain fills his face. I know that my hand is chafing his angry-colored pole. An idea comes to me. It's easier to do since the youth still has his eyes closed. I wouldn't try it if he were watching me.

I put my face near the youth's smooth groin. There's a lime smell to his skin mixed with sweat. His stiff pole is close to my mouth. I become bold by going down on it. It's a thrilling sensation. I'm able to suck on all the boy's length. A very naughty thing for me to perform!

Quick Legs gasps. I reach around his body to hold his small butt. The boy struggles but he can't get away from me. I force him to stab through my mouth. Breaths race through him. When he cries out, I know that the youth has achieved his thrill. My hands relax around his trembling body.

I sit up and begin handling myself. Quick Legs looks down at his stiff pole, moist with my spit. He glares at me for my naughty trick. I return his stare with a sly grin. My need is upon me. While rocking on my knees, I flex my butt in and out to my forward stabs. It's exciting to perform this in front of another boy. I'll soon achieve my thrill but it won't be a dry ending like my young friend's.

Quick Legs dons his front flap. He watches me masturbate with interest. Gone is his stern expression. When I moan, the boy tries to keep himself from giggling. I'm feeling close to getting my dick to squirt. The youth is waiting to see this.

I'm taken from my pleasure when Taller Shadow calls out to someone. The boy stands up tall when a young girl approaches. It's Running Fawn. She's about my age; a few years older than her two brothers. I'm not surprised that it's she who comes to be mounted. I've heard rumors about her playing naked games with her brothers. Now I know all those whispered stories to be true!

Quick Legs nudges me hard. I see the excitement on his young face for what may unfold. He's still flushed from my earlier handling. It's unfortunate that Running Fawn couldn't have come a little later. My hard dick really aches me.

We spy through our bush at the pair. Taller Shadow has taken Running Fawn into his arms and starts kissing her fully on the lips! The girl daringly reaches under the boy's rear flap. Her hand lustfully pulls over his backside. I have to cover my mouth to keep my giggles inside me.

After a few more kisses, they enter the outhouse. I wait a moment longer before leaving the bushes. Quick Legs rushes towards the outhouse. I hold him back to a stealthy crawl so that our feet won't make sounds over the ground.

My young friend crouches near the small wooden structure. We find a long crack and peer in. It's dark inside. I feel disappointed from not being able to see much. We might not be able to view their touching nakedness after all.

I shield my face from the light of morning. It should only take a little while for my eyes to adjust. I close my eyes. When I hearsomething drop to the dirt floor, I peer in through the crack.

It's very dim in there. My straining eyes can make out someone's back. I can't tell if it's the girl or the boy that I'm spying on. Hands reach down to grip their butt.

Loud kissing follows. They're embraced to make love. I'm not getting a good view of it though. Quick Legs taps on my shoulder and points around the outhouse. I nod in agreement since I want to watch them doing it from the side and not with someone's butt blocking the view.

A small hole in the door allows one of us to peek in. Taking turns, we watch them kiss and explore each other's bodies with hungry hands. Taller Shadow mouths the girl's unformed breasts. He kisses down her belly to the girl's smooth slit. She moans from it. I think that he'll be sticking into her soon. Taller shadow had tongued into my butthole right before mounting me.

Running Fawn spreads her legs. The boy is eager to get his erection in. Though his body blocks my view of her cunt, I've seen naked girls before to know what her opening is like. I come to understanding something. The boy had used my butthole since that's where a male has an opening to fit a dick into it. I'm still surprised by how that's actually done.

When their bodies join, Taller Shadow begins a man's motion. I enjoy watching his butt flex in and out from his revealing thrusts inside the girl. Their mating is face to face because of their different sexes. It allows them to kiss and make love properly. Two boys doing it must perform that same act in an opposite position. That's only a lustful thing since it cannot result in making a baby between two males.

My young friend taps on my shoulder to signal his turn to peek in through the hole. I give up my position and move quietly to a long crack on the side. Peering inwards, I see the young girl leaning heavily over Taller Shadow. She moans with each of the boy's thrusts. He also moans from the great pleasure that comes from their mating.

My hand reaches down to my erection under the front flap. I begin to pleasure it with quick strokes. My thoughts turn to Quick Legs and how much I'd like to be embracing him now. While keeping that thought in my head, I feel the waves of increasing thrills building up in me.

I imagine that I'm exploring my young friend's body. My hands rub over his small butt while my mouth sucks over the boy's chest. I kiss my way down to the front of him. His stiff pole gets sucked on. The young boy struggles to get away but my hands around his cheeks are firm. His attempt is half-hearted since my mouth is giving him much pleasure. He cries out in his high-pitched voice. I taste his clear seed.

I'm distracted from my sweet daydream by a long drawn-out moan coming from inside the outhouse. I eagerly peek through the crack. The girl's butt is flexing wildly. She helps the boy to thrust more deeply into her cunt. I know the pleasure she's feeling from the boy's long dick. Taller Shadow's long thrusts through my butthole had forced mysperm out.

My eyes strain through the darkness for the mating pair. I can't spy any movement. It must be over with. The boy and girl are standing motionless with their arms draped over each other. Heavy breathing. I realize that Taller Shadow must have spermed her! When their bodies separate, I move from my place to fetch Quick Legs. We must make good our escape.

My young friend gives me a bright smile. I know that he must be very excited from witnessing how a boy seeds a girl. Their act in the outhouse wasn't very different from what Taller Shadow had done with me yesterday. That boy has a horny dick and he'll stick into anyone's hole to release it.

"They did it!" shouts the young boy.

"I know," I whisper. "Let's get away from here." I take my friend's hand and lead him quietly away. I don't take him back to camp. Instead, I look for a secluded spot since both of us bear erections. I want badly for us to use them.

When we reach a place filled with tall bushes and a tree, I turn to Quick Legs while lifting my front flap. He smiles from seeing my long dick and eagerly shows me his. The boy's erection is much smaller than mine. Only a long finger against his belly. Yet the boy is excited. I'll make it feel good for him.

Quick Legs struggles with a knot in his thong belt. I drop my breechclout to the ground and help the boy with his. It won't loosen. In my eagerness, I pull on the belt and break it. The youth giggles when the two cloths fall to the ground. Naked before me, he glances over my body with curious eyes. I turn around to show off my butt.

I gesture for my friend to handle me there. His small hands rub over both of my cheeks. Exciting tingles run up and down my spine from his touch. When I feel a warmth pressing against them, I realize that we're touching butts. I find the boy's hands and grip them.

"You're my best friend," I whisper. The youth humps his butt against me in reply. My next words become bold. "I'm feeling such a deep thing in my heart that I know it's my love for you. Do you feel anything for me?"

Only silence. When Quick Legs squeezes my hand, I sigh with relief. I suppose the boy finds it hard to say that he loves me too.

We separate after a long while of rubbing butts. He turns to me with timid eyes. I grip his shoulders to show him that what we're doing is good. My hands roam down to his breast. I caress his warmth there in small circles. His nipples push out under my palms.

Quick Legs closes his eyes. I become bold when I bring my mouth down to his left nipple and suck on it. The boy sighs. I tongue his hardness for a long moment before pouncing on his other boyish tit.

While my mouth enjoys the front of him, I reach down for the rear of the boy. So soft and warm in my hands. I gently turn the youth around. My mouth hungers for his cute butt!

I'm becoming intensely excited. My dick is very hard and aches to be handled. I'll beat off later. I want to explore my friend's body some more.

My hands ask the youth to bend over. His cheeks spread. I curiously peek inside. What a cute, pink hole! I get my tongue to tickle over it as Taller Shadow had done to mine. I won't stick in and hurt this boy to satisfy my lust though.

Quick Legs giggles from my naughty trick. I playfully bite the humps nearest to his hole before daring to tongue inside him some more. I'm really enjoying this boy's butt! I come to understand why Taller Shadow had lusted for mine.

I feel my young friend begin flexing his rear end. My loving to his butt has excited him to beat off. I'd rather handle it for him. I stand up and move to the front of him. Quick Legs gives me a sheepish grin. Below, his pole sticks up hard against his belly. I reach down for it.

His stiffness feels nice in my hand. I begin pulling on it while rubbing over his wiggly butt at the same time. The boy closes his eyes. It makes me feel good to be giving my friend such pleasure.
"Hold your breath," I remind Quick Legs. "That's what made the feelings in my penis become intense enough to wet." I watch the youth take in breaths and struggle to hold them. My hand brings an angry color to his stiff pole. He can't seem to get himself to release.

I begin pulling over my thicker length. Our bodies whisper against each other with my hands pulling around our dicks. I'm feeling close to it. With a breath held inside me, I stab through my fingers and squirt! My loud cry warns the young boy that I'm doing it.

Quick Legs opens his eyes. He watches my few squirts splash against his belly. The intense thrills in my dick has me crying out again. The boy giggles. I enjoy the glow of my climax for many heartbeats.

My ears fill with the soothing sounds of crickets and the wind in the trees. My body is feeling peaceful. Quick Legs smiles. I'm not embarrassed as yesterday to be performing this act before my young friend. I want the boy to release himself as well.

I resume to handle the boy's reluctant pole. My clear wetting is used to make his erection more slippery. A rosy tip pops out of the boy's skinny pole with each of his stabs against my hand. The youth's butt flexes in and out. His body is straining with sex's powerful spell. Yetafter a long handling, I can't get the boy's pole to release. My friend really is too young to do it. A look of disappointment fills the youth's face. A pang of hurt fills my breast for him.

Quick Legs glares down at his stiff pole. He tries handling it himself. My wait is a long one. Yet the boy can't get himself to achieve his release. An angry color comes to his erection. I shake my head in defeat. What else can be done to coax the boy's thrill?

An idea comes to me. I explain it to my friend. "You could try what Taller Shadow had done to me in the shed..."

"What did he do?" asks Quick Legs. (The youth recalls the pain that the older boy had caused Bright Leaf when he stood behind him. As to the actual act, the boy only knew that it ended with his thick sperm being left between Bright Leaf's butt cheeks.)

"Taller Shadow stuck his dick up my butthole. His thrusts brought him much pleasure. He put his sperm in me. I want you to stick yourdick into my butt."

The young boy's eyes widen. "I thought that Taller Shadow was rubbing his long dick between your butt cheeks," says Quick Legs. "You allowed that boy to stick in as if he were mounting you like a girl?!"

I sheepishly nod my head. "You saw how he mounted Running Deer's cunt in the outhouse. A boy can perform the same thing in another boy's butt entrance. The sensation is thrilling. Your dick is small so don't fear that you'll be giving me any pain. I want to thrill your dick withmy butthole."

"I'll try it," whispers Quick Legs. "I saw how Taller Shadow enjoyed your butt. My pole isn't as long as his. Will it be able to stick inside?"

I giggle at the boy's question, glad that he's willing to perform that manly act. From the way he was speaking earlier, I thought that he wouldn't want to try it. I look over the boy's erection and realize that he must really be hurting. He has such a need to achieve its release. Even a dry one. I turn from my friend with my hands reaching for the support of a small tree. My butt sticks out for his use.
I squat down to accommodate the shorter boy. His hands part my butt cheeks. A sharp sensation goes through my hole from his handling. I feel his seeking stab in my butt. I prepare myself to be taken like a willing girl.

Pain! I pull away from his stabbing little dick. How can it be that his size can hurt me? My hole must be wide enough to take it. Taller Shadow'shad fit. A thought strikes me.

I reach back to my friend's belly. From it, I gather what remains of my clear release. My fingers use it to wet my hole. The boy spits to his hand. He coats the tip of his erection with it. Satisfied that we're properly prepared, I reach out to the small tree and crouch. The young boy tries to mount me again.

I feel the tip of my friend's dick against the entrance of my butt. He rubs it slowly over my hole but doesn't push inside. Why? Perhaps my young friend is afraid of hurting me again. I reach back for his little butt and slowly pull his body onto mine. I gasp from the strange sensation.

I'm impaled on the boy's fleshy stick. It slides easily into me; all the way up my tight hole! No pain. It's an intense filling sensationthat I can endure.

"Does it hurt?" Quick Legs asks.

I shake my head in reply. The filling sensation from his erection is only a little uncomfortable. It's not the size of Taller Shadow's long cock. Nor will he have mighty thrusts.

To urge the boy on, I pull him onto my body with a hand gripping his backside. My hole gets penetrated. I keep a pained breath inside me. When I relax my hold on the boy's cheeks, I feel his stiffness leaving me. I repeat the fucking motion for him. A teaching game of sex.

Quick Legs soon learns what I want from him. With tight hands around my hips, the youth drives his dick through my butthole. Quick in and out stabs. He gasps from the intense pleasure of mating with me.

I begin feeling sharp thrills from the boy's deeper stabs. The sensation centers under my balls. His thrusts touch something hard and intense inside of me. It gets my dick to surge. I've already shot yet I think that I can get it to go off again! All from the boy's dick fucking my butthole.

Is this what a girl feels when taking a boy's erected dick inside of her? My friend's pole is a short one. Taller Shadow had a longer reach inside me. I'm surprised that my young friend stirs the same lusty thrills inside my butt.

The young boy begins a frenzied effort. He plunges into my body like a wild man. His body is sweaty and heated against me. Lust drives my friend. I want him to achieve a wet release at the end! A pang of sadness comes to me. My friend is too young to squirt inside my butt. Even with the wetting ritual from yesterday with Taller Shadow's thick sperm, the boy's maturity will need another summer to even have a clear release from his dick. He can't finish the act like a man.

A lusty daydream fills my head. I imagine that the squishy sounds of getting fucked attracts another boy spying on us. He watches the youth having his way with my ass with envy.

Footsteps behind us! I hear Quick Legs squeal in surprise when his body is pulled from mine. A strong arm reaches around my stomach, trapping me. I'm frightened. I turn my head to see what's going on.

A tall youth pulls the front deerskin flap from his belt. It drops at his feet. Uncovered behind me, I notice his hard dick. A long one! The boy points it through my cheeks and stabs in.

"It's a man who takes your ass," boasts Taller Shadow. "And unlike your young friend, I can fill you with sperm!"

I giggle at my daydreaming. I'm sure that Taller Shadow would have spoken those boastful words. He had performed that lusty deed onlyyesterday.

Quick Legs pauses from his in and out stabs through my asshole.His hands ask that I get down onto my knees. Our bodies ease to the dirt. I plant my hands into the ground when the boy resumes to fuck me. I'm feeling very much like a wanting squaw who takes the lusty warrior inside her.

The boy's stabs press against a very sensitive spot in my butthole. I feel myself close to release.And I'm not even handling my dick! I hold breaths to allow the feelings to become intense.
A cry from the youth! I imagine his lightning-sped stabs in my hole is bringing the youth to his first release. A young male's seed being planted inside my butt. It becomes too much for me. I let go of my breath when strong squirts come out my dick. My head fills with deep pleasure.

"I did it!" shouts Quick Legs.

The boy pulls from my slimy butthole and dances around me in triumph. I see signs from his mounting. A brown stain covers his pole. He prevents me from wiping it clean with my breechclout flap. I realize that my young friend wants to wear my butt stain like the proud warrior who paints up his face with war colors. A proof of his bravery. It makes me very proud for him.

"Did you squirt in me?" I ask.

Quick Legs shakes his head from side to side. "No. But it felt good at the end, especially when your butt tightened around my dick. How did you do that?"

I think back to when the boy cried out. "Your stabs through my hole had released my dick as if I were handling it," I answer. "My butt enjoyed the sliding motion of your dick. I remember tightening there when I shot my cum."

"It made my dick become intense," explains Quick Legs, "though nothing came out of me. If I wanted, I could have kept sticking into you again and again!"

The youth's words make me envious. By not being able to sperm, my friend seems to be given endless thrills from his erection during sex. I'd like him to prove it. Although my dick is soft and I'm without need to cum again, a plan forms in my head. Quick are my next actions.

I gather my sticky release from my belly and reach back with it to lubricate the boy's dick. Turning from him, I back onto his erection. It easily fills my butthole. The boy gasps when he sees that I want him to fuck me again. His hands grip my sides. Stabs begin in my ass.

It's thrilling to have the young boy dicking up my butt again. I'm glad that he's willing. I feel his quick stabs going through my hole and hit against that tickly spot within. My dick grows hard from it.

I'm amazed. I reach down and handle my erection. As it stiffens, the boy's thrusts seem to feel better and more thrilling. Having sex with a young boy has made this happen. I get taken up by the building sensations of getting fucked and from beating off in my hand.

Our bodies become sweaty from the effort. My young friend plunges through my butt, in and out, like what Taller Shadow had done with that girl. The boy holds breaths. I know how that helps to get his dick to feel more intense. Yet nothing more. The boy is too young to sperm me.

Quick Legs startles me with a voiced breath. It had sounded like a moan. Is he filling my butthole with his squirts? No. The boy continues to fuck me and he holds breaths which come out as small cries. He seems to be feeling intense pleasure. It's like the boy is on the verge of shooting but can't.

With a terrible cry, my young friend falls to the ground behind me. I turn around to see what has happened. The boy's face is like the snow on a mountain top. His breaths race quickly through his mouth, his eyes flutter and sweat glistens over his trembling body. I scoop up my friend into my arms as great fear takes me.

"Can you hear me!" I shout to Quick Legs in a panic. Only a raspy sound comes from his mouth. I hold his heated form close to me as I face upwards to the All-Seeing Father. I make a desperate plea unto Him for help.

I fan the boy's face with my breechclout flap. After what seems like forever, Quick Legs opens his eyes. I laugh in relief and kiss him. The boy shrinks away from my affection.

We stare at each other in silence for a few heartbeats. The youth's breaths become more even while the color returns to his face. I raise my arms up to Him with my thanks. My young friend fills with awe.

"It felt so wonderful..." Quick Legs whispers.

"Did you shoot inside me?"

"No," the boy sadly replies. "It felt like trying to piss without being able to. That made me feel such good things in my penis. I kept holding my breath to keep the feelings building towards a greater thrill. When I felt my greatest pleasure, I fainted. I don't think that anything came out."

I glance down to my friend's lap. His angry-colored pole bears the proving butt stain. Yet no wetness comes from the tip. Perhaps my friend is too young to be performing adult things with me. Yet I'm glad that he's willing to try.

"You didn't come out," I tell the boy. "Your pleasure was longer than mine. When I release, the feelings are very intense but only for the brief moment when I'm shooting. I quickly lose the good feelings and tire."

"My good feelings keep coming!" boasts Quick Legs. "I felt an explosion of pleasure when my breath ran out. That's probably why I became faint."

"You scared me," I scold my young friend. He lowers his eyes. I embrace him to show that nothing has changed between us. The warmth ofhis small body feels good in my arms.

Quick Legs lifts his dark eyes and whispers. "You'll let me do it again sometime, won't you Bright Leaf?"

"I love you!"

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Asian Boys in a New York Minute

For a man that likes Asian boys, the city that never sleeps is a tough place for me, especially when all I desire are Asian Boys.

Asian boys seem to be every place I look. Around every corner I turn. I've been in this busy city for three weeks. With each day that passes, my dick grows harder for Asian Boys.

I have yet to decide if I will stay in this city. As I make my way home, walking down 42nd street, I notice an "Asian Boy Peep Show" sign glowing through one shop window. Only in a city this relaxed could I find this erotic opportunity My dick sweats with anticipation. As I walk through the door, I see several Asian Boys. They are all sexy and sleek. I want them all.

"Choose wisely", the clerk behind the counter says to me. How do I make such a choice? This is a decision my cock must make. The two in the corner make my meat swell. They are both tall, muscular, sexy, Asian Boys. After telling the clerk, I walk to a back room, lay on the couch, and prepare for the show. The lights go down and the wall in front of me slides up to reveal my two Asian Boy butt-buddies naked.

Their Asian Boy anacondas are huge. I watch as they begin to play with each other. I quickly pull down my jeans and begin to jerk my all ready exploding prick. One of them gets on his knees and takes the other in his mouth. He madly sucks the Asian boy dick, slobbering all over the smooth shaft. I stroke faster and faster. The Asian boy on his knees, obviously the bitch, flips over on all fours. His buddy waists no time.

After slapping his rather large Asian Boy schlong on his bitches ass cheeks, he shoves his manhood up that tight ass. I slide my finger up my own ass. My stoke hand is getting wet with pre-cum. Slapping the Asian Boys bitch ass, he forces him to take it. The bitch has a look of pleasure pain. He groans for more. I am about to shoot my joy juice. I rise to my feet and walk close to the glass. With a quick stroke, I fire off my load onto the glass. Both Asian Boys come closer to lick the glass, as if they were licking my cock.

Star spreading the news, I'm here to stay!

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Asian Cock Seals the Deal

I believe the best way to sell a car is to let the customer enjoy my thick asian cock.

My boss's motto is, “the feel of the wheel makes the deal”. My motto is, “The feel of my giant asian cock seals the deal”. as i stand out on the hot pavement waiting for my next sell, i wonder what the day will bring? how many sales will I have? how many times will i use my awesome asian cock? how many balls will I drain?

“Excuse me sir, are you david?”, a young asian stud suddenly says to me. “yes, i am”, I reply. He is a sexy beast. He goes on to tell me that his friend, jason, bought a car from me, and that jason was very satisfied with my services.

“he said you would take good care of me. I need to be taken care of”, he said. “Cum this way”, i replied. We walk the lot to find a car that will work for him. “will you take it in the brown with a stick?”, i smugly ask him. I pull out a car and tell him to hop in. Once on the road, i can feel my throbbing asian cock grow hard. i pull over to let him drive.

As we pull back into the lot, i instruct him to pull around back. he does so like a good little asian bitch. we get out of the car and i fold down the rear seat to demonstrate the room. He climbs in back with me. I start to unbutton his shirt and make him comfortable. “now let me see that huge asian cock i’ve heard so much about?”, he asks. i unleash my weapon of mass destruction to let him play with it. He licks my asian cock head. I fuck his face hard. all down his throat. he slurps and drools all over my cock. I reach for his bulge which is quit nice. I yank on his sleek asian rod. “assume the position”, i order him. he quickly gets on all fours and sticks his awaiting ass up in the air. “tell me how much you want this car”, I scream as I slide my long asian cock deep inside him. as i fuck his little asian ass, he cries out, “I want this car, I want it”. I smack him on his ass. my explosion up his ass forces him to take asian cock cum. I lay him down and suck him dry, swallowing his cream whole.

“now lets go do the paperwork”, i say to him with a wink. Perfect sales technique.

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Cumming of Age with a Gay Filipino

Every time I watch a wheatfield grazing with the wind, both my body and soul are transported back to the summer when i came of age with the help of a strong gay filipino. he was like no other gay filipino i had met before. i know now, i will never have another gay filipino as sexy or sweet.

I had just turned 18 years of age. I was tender, but tough. I was immature for my age, having no idea the value of true lust. Far from home, I went to work for him on his field. From the moment I saw him, there was an attraction. His age, which showed in his graying hair, was at least double mine. His gay filipino body so gorgeous. late in the evenings he would take his shirt off while working with me in the field. His gay filipino skin was sleek. his washboard stomach was rock hard. his cock would bulge through his jeans. he would smile and stare at me with his erotic eyes. We both needed the other. it was just a matter of time.

the last night of my stay, he came to me. his eyes had a softness. no words needed to be said. we just touched. I told him that i hadn’t yet in my life. his whisper in my ear made everything alright. he was gentle, rubbing his gay filipino hands down my body to my dick. He took me in his moist mouth. Slow at first, then fast. out of control. i cried out with excitement. watching his gay filipino face suck my young cock was amazing. he rose to his feet, bent me over the kitchen table, spread my cheeks, and licked my warm asshole clean. when he felt i was lubed enough, he stuck his gay filipino weapon into my waiting asshole. He was slow at first, putting in only a little at a time. but then he gave me the whole package. my body quivered. I cold feel his gay filipino love in me. He began to stroke my dick while he was butt fucking me. All it toke was a few strokes I exploded all over the kitchen table. Gallons of cum came out. It was then when he pulled his meat out and shot all over my backside. He used his gay filipino hands to massage the warm cum into my buttocks. I lay on the table, sweating and gasping for air.

I know it isn’t real, but watching that wheat field, i can feel his throbbing gay filipino cock cumming me of age once more.

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Taking Gay Asian Pictures

The lights are all up and the background is set in preparation to take gay asian pictures. Of all the photo shoots i do, taking gay asian pictures gets me the hottest. for my first shot, i bring in a gay asian stud with a perfectly toned body, and a monstrous dick to go with it. I instruct him to stroke his cock while he licks his lips. “Make love to the camera”, I say. “make love to me”, is what i’m thinking. after a few quick shots, i give him a bottle of whip cream. He squirts some onto his chest, onto the head of his perfect asian meat. I take some more gay asian pictures.

I send in another gay asian boy. this one is a fabulous twink. The kind of young gay asian boy you would like to watch mow your lawn in a pair of tight shorts on a hot summer day. he takes the studs dick in his mouth. This makes for a perfect gay asian picture. I shoot away, allowing them to be free. The stud moans in ecstasy.

they arrange themselves for a 69 position. they suck each other. I tighten the lens for a close up of the lawn boys cock deep inside the studs juicy mouth, making for a wonderful gay asian picture. the stud bends lawn boy over on all fours and spreads his asian butt cheeks. he tongues his little asshole. another hot gay asian picture. the studs begins to fuck lawn boys ass. both men scream. I snap away. i can feel my cock beginning to grow. I focus back to my job, and shoot as many gay asian pictures of this butt fucking action as possible.

Pictures of there faces, both filled with pleasure. the stud yanks his dick out and rises to his feet. lawn boy begins to suck on his beat red slong. I zoom in for the cum shot. I adjust my own package and wipe the sweat from my brow. The stud fires off in lawn boys face, painting it creamy white. “there’s the money shot”, I say. “these are the best gay asian pictures there could be”. and i cant wait to get home a jack off to them.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Asian Male Love Doctor

Ever since my first appointment with the sexy Asian Male doctor, I find myself getting sicker and sicker each day.

Sick with hunger for his Asian male cock. The first time we met, I was seeking a treatment for my soar back. I was in such pain. The minute he placed his Asian Male hands on my back, I was instantly relieved. Although my back is healed, and I am not really sick, I need to see him. I phone his office to set up an appointment.

“What is the problem?”, the receptionist asks. As I think, “I need hot Asian Male love”, I say, “My leg hurts”. I am given an appointment later on this afternoon.

My aching balls can not wait. I seat myself in the waiting room,. I hope my handsome Asian Male dick doctor will be as thrilled to see me as I am to see him. Moments later I am in his office, seated on the examining table, still waiting. Now I really do have a genuine concern. My cock feels like it is about to explode. Suddenly he breezes into the room like a knight in shinning armor. My gorgeous Asian Male knight.

“Good to see you again Todd”, he smiles at me. “I was hoping I would get a chance to examine you”, he tells me. God, he is so fucking fine His Asian Male ass looks good in those pants. His mouth is so inviting. He notices my buldging cock through my jeans. “Looks like somebody needs some air”, he says to me, as he begins to kiss me madly. His hands caress my thighs. He unzips my jeans to reveal my throbbing meat.

“I have just the thing for that”, he says as he takes me in his mouth He sucks me good, the way only a wonderful Asian Male can. I fuck his face with vigor. My huge rod slides into his wet, warm, juicy, Asian Male mouth. I grab the back of his head. ”Eat my meat doctor, eat it up good”, I order him. I have never felt such naughty pleasure. I pull out and he starts to jerk me off. I a split second I blow my white load all over his flawless Asian Male face. He licks me up, sucking out every drop. He laughs as some goes up his nose.

“All better“, he says to me. “Let my receptionist know to schedule you, same time next week”.

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Thai Gay Asian Dick at my cousin's wedding

I cant believe my younger cousin’s getting married today, and here i am seated at the church thinking of sexy Thai Gay dick. all dick is good, but Thai Gay dick is the best.

i’m so fucking hot in this tuxedo. I can feel a puddle of sweat at the base of my cock. My family sits on either side of me. I frantically search the room for any sign of Thai Gay dick. none over there. none in that direction either. this is beginning to depress me. wait a minute, who the fuck is that? oh baby. tall, dark, and handsome over in the corner. he is fabulous. I cant believe it. I have found some Thai Gay dick, and he looks my kind of bitch. my little cousins best man!

I cant wait for this fucking ceremony to end. he has already looked at me three times. I can tell he wants my meat. i would be more than happy to force it in his tight bitch ass. My cousin and his new wife kiss. finally! as he walks down the aisle, i can’t take my eyes off his Thai Gay dick. he winks at me, assuring his feelings.

at the reception, i fly through the doors with energy. where is my Thai Gay dick bitch? i cant find him. frantically I ask around. He is nowhere to be seen. with my head hung low, i walk outside to the parking area. The rear passenger window of the newlyweds limo rolls down.

“looking for me?”, my Thai Gay dick asks me. my cock is about to explode. I reach for the car door and let myself in. getting down to business immediately, we started to passionately taste each other. tearing our clothes off. his Thai Gay dick was huge. i began to suck on it. I enjoyed his shaft. He especially liked when I tongued his balls. I could taste his sweet Thai Gay dick pre cum, which hardened my girth. He gabbed my head and told me to fuck him like the bitch that he truly was. I bent his beautiful asian body over and slid my manhood into him. I demanded that he take it! I smacked his round cheeks as I showed him who was in charge. he came all over the car seat. I was deep in his ass. all up that dark, warm, asian hole. i pulled out and jacked off all over his backside. he swung around. I ordered him, “drain that pipe, bitch”. he happily did. I grabbed the back of his head and forced him to lick up his own mess. he loved every minute of it.

Later, as the newly weds drove off in the limo with the crowd waiving them goodbye and good luck, my Thai Gay dick buddy and I just laughed and waived in secretive satisfaction.

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