Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Gay Asian Casting Couch

Only in my wildest dreams could i have imagined that hollywood would be filled with so many fabulous Gay Asian men.

It seems all around this industry, whether they be a casting director, a producer, or a movie star, they are true, Gay Asian. i just need a way in the door. It is obvious what i must to do. both for my career, and my sexual fulfillment, I have to enjoy some Gay Asian cock. sitting in the waiting hall of a major Gay Asian studio executive, my heart begins to pound. I have heard much about this man. He calls most of the shots in tinseltown. I have read over my scene and know the part i must play, his bitch. Suddenly his huge office door swings open...

“Mr Yamagucci will see you know”, a cute little Gay Asian twink says to me. I walk into his gigantic office with a hard and steady dick. He sits in his chair with his legs crossed. a sexy beast of a creature, he has flawless skin and a fit Gay Asian body. we shake hands and i take a seat He asks me about myself, i tell him.

I begin to read from the scene. my stuttering voice lets him know i am nervous. Finally, I complete the scene.

“That was not bad”, he says to me. “Do it again, but this time, kneel down on you knees and take your shirt off”, he asks. this is my cue, and i am ready. i do as i am told. starting the scene again from a kneeling position on the floor. half way into my dialogue, he rises from his chair and walks over to me. He unzips his pants to unleash his unbelievably huge Gay Asian girth.

“suck the part out of my dick”, he orders. I gulp his meat. it tastes so good. I slurp his Gay Asian manhood up like a good bitch. I massage his firm, round butt cheeks. he fucks my face like a lion, forcing his Gay Asian lollypop down my throat. I suck hard. I love to suck on Gay Asian dick. with a strong thrust, he blows his Gay Asian load into my warm mouth. I happily swallow his salty cream. I smile at him as i spit some out on my chin. He slaps his cock on my face.

“i am going to make you a star”, mr. yamagucci says to me.

“A big, bright shining, Gay Asian, cock sucking star”.

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