Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Gay Asian Cum Festival...

I am addicted to gay asian cum. If i was stranded on a desert island, and could have only one thing, it would be an unlimited supply of gay asian cum. as long as it cums from Gay asian dick.

The gym where i work out has quit a few gay asians. I watch each one of them lift heavy weights. over in the corner is a pair doing squats. there ripped butt muscles hard, there hidden cocks harder. I am fascinated by every one of them. My workout leaves mt tired and sweaty. in the mens locker room, My eyes immediately focus on the gay asian dick. some small, some large. all fucking hot! I undress, wrap a towel around my waist. I try to conceal my growing rod as i head to the steam room. Once inside, I take a seat. my vision is blurred by the steam, but i can tell I am surrounded by several gay asian studs. I can already taste there gay asian cum. They all look so well built. i survey the room, studying each one of my new gay asian cum buddies. we eye each other in secret seduction. the sweat rolls off of our foreheads. suddenly a fabulous gay asian man walks into the steam room. Tall and muscular, he locks the door once inside. he walks to the center of the room I can feel the rest of the boys nearing me. the tall, muscular gay asian man approaches me,

“i hear you like gay asian cum?”, he says to me.

without giving it a second though, i reply. ”i love gay asian cum”.

“well we’ve got plenty for your bitch ass”, he says as he rips my towel off and throws me to the floor bending me over. I look up and see that all the other boys have gathered around me naked. The tall, muscular Gay asian man spreads my cheeks from behind and thrusts his enormous steel into my craving asshole. a dark skinned, buff gay asian boy forces his meat into my mouth. Another asian boy joins in on my mouth action, forcing me to take two helpings of gay asian manhood. The tall, muscular man fucks my ass fiercely. right after he pulls out of me, another gay asian man takes his place. It seems there is gay asian cum dick play everywhere i look. My ass feels so good and loose. I suck with all my might. I thirst for gay asian cum. The two boys shoot off in my mouth at the same time. My mouth is forced to stay open as the Asian from behind walks up front and thrusts his load into my mouth. Finally, the tall muscular man grabs my face and dumps his Gay asian cum into my mouth. they all slap their cocks on my face. In one big gulp, i swallow all there gay asian cum. i’ve never tasted anything so sweet.

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