Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Asian Gay Dick and Fireworks

The first time i ever had asian gay dick was on the day of americas birth asian gay dick has been a favorite dish of mine ever since that erotic night when two gay love boys shared each other to the fullest. his name was john.

He was a 25 year old gay asian with long black hair, rich green eyes, and a killer smile. his body was the perfect muscle tone. I had met him through friends who had invited me up to there beach house for the 4th of july weekend. we talked for hours at a time. he spoke with seduction and true knowledge. he asked me about my desires, my fantasies. he shared his. talking to the late hours of the night, we’d sip wine. the red nectar dripping from his lips left my dick hard. oh how i wished that was my juice dripping from his pink lips.

I was sure he had a wonderful asian gay dick. his round, muscular butt grew my cock to a girth i had never known. we dinned the evening of the 4th. next we went down to the beach, laid down a blanket, and waited for the festivities to begin. all were laughing and having a good time. John and i could not take our eyes off one another. The fireworks began, shooting up over the ocean from a barge. i felt johns hand on mine.

he led me back to the house. we walked up the stairs to the bedroom. we never lost eye contact. he laid me on the bed and began to lick me all over with his penetrating tongue. I could feel his asian gay dick getting harder. he made his way to my cock, and began to suck. i gasped for air. He took all my meat. he then tongued my shaven ball sack. through the window i could see the fireworks. red, white, and blue. I pulled john up to a 69 position so i could feast on his asian gay dick.

It was huge. i licked his gay asian dick head and then took his shaft. we both sucked the other with relentless vigor. The fireworks outside were growing bigger as we were reaching our own grand finale. we sucked harder and harder and came in each other mouth at the same time. his asian gay dick cum tasted so good.

we spent the rest of the night holding each other. watching the fireworks outside the window over the sea.

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