Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gay Asian Muscle Men

People say that you won't find any Gay Asian Muscle. They say that asian men just don't put on muscle the way others do, but I know for a fact that that's not true.

One day about a month ago, I was working out at my club, which catered to the gay body-beautifuls, when in walked this buff stud, his Gay Asian Muscle drenched in sweat and twitching his pecs. He had thighs like tree trunks and a rock-hard ass. I had to think of baseball while working out on the stair machine to keep from getting a hardon.

Anyway, later, in the showers, I was alone with him for a while and got a good look at his firm, hard body. He had tight, washboard abs and a perfect V shape which spread up from his waist to those broad, muscular shoulders. He was smooth all over and you could see every muscle stand out in the bright lights of the shower. I had to fight to control my cock, which still managed to get a bit of wood as I thought about having that Gay Asian Muscle pounding away at my ass. I thought that he didn't see me checking him out, but in the locker room, I found out differently.

I was bent over a bench in front of my locker, drying off my feet, when I felt a hand run slowly down my back and reach under from behind to grab my balls. Before I could stand up and turn around, I felt another hand flat against my back, holding me stationary. I had to twist my neck to look over my shoulder. It was the Gay Asian Muscle man.

He asked me if I'd liked what I'd seen in the shower. I stuttered out a reply, trying to act as if I didn't know what he was talking about, but he grabbed me by a shoulder and pulled me up, still tugging at my balls. I like this kind of domination and my dick was by now almost full-on hard. I like nothing better than to have a hard-bodied stud take control of me. And this guy was good.

He squeezed my balls until I felt uncomfortable and asked me again if I enjoyed what I saw. I said yes and he whirled me around. There I was, face to face with all that Gay Asian Muscle. He pulled me up close so that I was tight up against those taut pecs and his cock, which must have been at least 8 inches and cut, was rubbing right up against mine.

His broad hands roamed over my ass, squeezing and kneading it as he ground his cock into my pubes while mine was being pressed tight into his. I felt so hot. I wanted him to just bend me over and get it over with. He didn't want to, though. He wanted to play with me some more. I was worried that we'd get caught, but I also wanted to see where this Gay Asian Muscle god would take me.

The first thing he did was turn me back around and grind that big, hot, hard cock of his into my ass. He slipped it between the cheeks like it was a hotdog and they were a bun and he held them together as he ground and slipped his tube steak between them. It felt so warm. I pushed back into
him, but he held my waist tightly so that I couldn't move. Every once in a while, he'd give my ass a smack and whisper in my ear about how he wanted to slip his cock into my tight ass.

Finally, he moved his hands from my waist to my butt and spread the cheeks wide. I felt it as he wiped the precum from his cockhead round my asshole and then rubbed the head against the opening. I begged him to fuck me and he obliged by pressing the head of his thick Gay Asian Muscle slowly into me, spreading me wide. It hurt a little bit, as I had never had a cock as thick as his inside of me, and I gave out a little yelp. He slapped my ass again and told me I was his little bitch boy and to keep quiet.

His long, thick cock filled me up as he slowly inserted it. Finally, I felt his thick, bushy pubic hair and the Gay Asian Muscle of his thighs firm up against my backside. He slowly began to slip his prick in and out of my hole. The sensation was electric as I felt it slide past my prostate. My knees got wobbly. He grabbed me around the waist and began fucking me harder. I was getting all wet inside as more and more precum lubed up my ass and I could feel his balls, hanging really low, slapping up against mine.

As he continued banging away on my back door, I began grinding my ass into him and joining in on the rhythm. I wanted him as deep as possible and I wanted to be fucked hard. He obliged with deep fast strokes. Finally, I heard him give a loud grunt and yell that he was going to cum. He slowed down his strokes and began slamming away hard, driving his spike deep until he exploded. It fellt like I was getting a hot, creamy injection. After the initial spew, he let his cock stay inside me like a bee's stinger, pumping his Gay Asian Muscle venom into me until it was spent. I clenched down as hard as I could, wanting to milk him dry. Cum was oozing out and down my thighs and dripping onto the floor and we had quite a cleanup job. Needless to say, my Gay Asian Muscle man and I ended up having to shower again, too.

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