Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hot Asia Gay House Boy

Asia gay men have always had a particular appeal to me. I had often read stories about how other guys had brought some back with them from trips or hired them through magazines to work as house boys, servicing them in more ways than just cleaning and cooking. I'd wanted to try it. I placed an ad in an adult publication about Asia gay men that had a section just for house boy ads. I was kind of disappointed when I only got a few replies, but I made the most of it. I corresponded with several of the men who responded to the ad, trading pictures with them and discussing their duties, until I finally was able to narrow them down to just one.

His name was Pete and he was an 18-year-old from San Francisco. He had been wanting to move down from there to the Los Angeles area, but couldn't afford to pay rent. In my ad, I had offered a place to stay, rent-free, for someone to do my cooking an cleaning and "certain duties to be mutually-agreed-upon". He seemed very excited about the opportunity and I thought he was a very attractive Asia gay man.

Pete was Chinese and had learned to cook at the arm of his grandmother, who had lived with his family. Over the couple of days of his "audition", he fixed some excellent Chinese meals. He was also very good at the housework. I would have hired him just for that, but the best part of his trial period in my house was how well he did his other duties.

Pete would dress in all kinds of sexy clothes. My favorite one for his household chores was a g-string thong that he wore, with nothing else, as he vacuumed and dusted. I loved watching his Asia gay ass as he would bend over to pick things up. His butt was so firm and round. I loved patting it with my hand and he would always smile. Sometimes he would back up into me and act like it was an accident. I loved the feel of him against my cock and I always had a semi-boner when he was around. I think he noticed.

Anyway, I was afraid to broach the question of his "other duties", because I'd never hired someone for this kind of work before. Luckily, Pete was more forward than I was. He came to me the day before the end of his trial period and said, "Don't you like me?" I told him that I liked his Asia gay ass just fine. He said that if I liked him so much, why hadn't I slept with him. I told him that I was a little shy. He smiled and said that he thought that was cute, but that there was nothing to worry about. Then, he began rubbing my dick through my pants. I got hard quickly and he turned around and began rubbing his ass into my crotch, grinding against my hard, throbbing cock. He was one sexy Asia gay man. I wanted him so bad. I hugged him around the waist and pulled him to me, nuzzling his neck and kissing him. He giggled and pretended to wrestle with me while all the while grinding his hot, hard ass into my crotch.

I let him up off my lap and unzipped my pants. My prick sprang out at full staff, swollen and purple. I was so hard it hurt and if I didn't get some relief, I would have a bad case of blue balls. Pete grabbed my throbbing member in his small, delicate hand and gave it a few strokes, causing it to jump when he let go of it. He gave me a smile and then bent over to tickle the head a few times with the tip of his tongue. He was such a tease.

I just lay back with my eyes closed as he played with it. Finally, he stepped up between my legs and turned around. He pulled aside the g-string on his thong and back up into my prick, his cheeks spread. Slowly, he impaled himself on it. I shuddered and moaned as my cock pressed deeper into his tight butt. He went on and on about how big I was and how good he was going to make me feel as his Asia gay cheeks pressed up against my shaved crotch. Then, he began grinding his ass into me. It felt so good, my cock exploring every inch of his ass.

He had great muscle control and held me tight, giving little squeezes as he rotated his hips. I rubbed his Asia gay body all over as he continued to ride my dick, taking me to just the point where I thought I'd cum. I'm not sure how he could sense it, but he would stop his gyrations at just the right time and then, when I thought the feeling had passed, he started up again. I was going crazy. It was such exquisite pain, the pressure building up until I was begging him to let me cum, but he kept saying no, that he wanted to make sure he did a good job and got hired.

Finally, he asked me whether he had the job. I was at his mercy, so I said yes. I would have said anything at this point just to get him to finish me off, but I really meant it. I wanted this hot Asia gay ass there beside me every night. As soon as he heard my answer, he began gyrating his hips faster and thrusting my cock in and out of his incredibly tight butt. I thought I was going to have a stroke! Finally, I came. I'd never cum so much in my life. I just kep shooting and shooting. Huge spurts of goo. When his ass was full of it, he slid off of my purple sword and then I kept shooting all over his cheeks and back. He let me rub him all over with my juice. When I had finally blown the last of my load, he grabbed my hand and licked and sucked my cum off of each of my fingers, sucking on them a bit like they were smaller versions of my cock.

Pete's here, now, and has worked as my house boy for the past six months. Every day is a new adventure with him. He comes up with all kinds of new ways to tease and please me. He's the Asia gay man I've always wanted and wouldn't part with him for all the tea in China.

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