Thursday, July 12, 2007

Club Gay Malaysia

Gay Malaysia was this asian steam room that appealed mostly to Chinese and Malay men down in Chinatown. There was nothing gay about it, or so I thought. It was just one of those amusing errors that sometimes happens in translation. What they had meant was that it was supposed to be a happy, festive place. The day I decided to stop in before a dinner at one of my favorite Chinese restaurants, it turned out to be Gay Malaysia in every sense of the word. It had been a tough day at the office, working to get the end of quarter statements done for the government, and I was looking forward to some great rice and beef broccoli.

Anyway, I was getting undressed in the locker room at Gay Malaysia and saw this really cute Malay man. His skin was a beautiful bronze color and he was about six inches uncut soft. I tried not to get caught, but once he turned in my direction and caught me staring right at his dick.

It was late on a Friday, so the Gay Malaysia wasn't too busy. We were the only men in the steam room. He sat opposite me along the top bench on the far wall, I was about halfway up my side. We kept checking each other out and a couple times, he smiled at me and I smiled back. After about ten minutes of this, he gave me what I saw as an open invitation to gawk. He spread his legs under the towel he wore wrapped round his waist, giving me a perfect view of that cock of his, which now was semi-hard with the head peeking out of the foreskin. I looked back up at his face and he now had a wide grin on his face and nodded to me to join him. I didn't have to be asked twice!

I sat on the next bench below where him. He spread his legs wider, allowing me to get a view of his man hole as he slid his ass forward, as well as his dick, which had a drop of precum oozing from the peehole. Not being a party pooper, I decided to help myself. I grabbed his cock with my hand and squeezed it hard. It felt silky and smooth to the touch. I gave the foreskin a little tug and rolled it between my thumb and forefinger. I felt him shiver a little bit.

With no objection, I stuck my head in under his towel and tickled the tip of his dick with my tongue, just to taste that precum. It was salty and a little tart and was soon replaced by another drop. I grabbed his foreskin, which was still a bit loose and hadn't slipped all the way back yet, even though partially erect, with my teeth and nibbled on it. His manhood was now about seven-and-a-half inches long with maybe an inch to grow and thick. I wanted to have him in my mouth, but I decided to play with his foreskin some more and ran my tongue under it and round and round the head of his cock as I squeezed the shaft. Gay Malaysia was getting a lot gayer!

His penis was now it's full length, at least eight inches and hard as a rock. He threw his head back and moaned as I ran the tip of my tongue round and round the rim of his swollen glans and teased the hole at the tip. I decided that now was the time for my appetizer, so I took as much of his dick into my mouth as I could. It was too thick to deep-throat, so I was only able to get the head to where it hit the back of my throat. Then, slowly, I began stroking the shaft in time to my bobbing my head on the rest. He tasted so good. He had a good flow of precum and that, combined with my saliva, kept him lubed up so that I didn't have any problems jerking on his rod as my mouth worked the mushroom-shaped head. He just laid back, giving out approving purrs and moans as I ran my tongue down the vein underneath his shaft to his balls and then licked and sucked them.

They had this musky, manly scent that I like and I got a load of it as I buried my nose deep into his sack. He shifted position so that the spot right behind his balls was in reach, so I tickled it with my tongue for good measure. He jerked away from me. I'd never been with a guy who was so sensitive there before. I kept a tight hold of his prick and kept working that spot with my tongue. He couldn't get away and I could feel the muscles of his thighs tense up.

I began to worry that someone might walk in on us, so I decided to finish him quickly. I wanted to fill my mouth up with his Gay Malaysian spunk. I slipped a finger into his asshole and began massaging his prostate while my mouth and other hand began working his shaft hard. His breathing was hot and heavy, more like a pant, and he began grinding his ass into my fingers as I worked his hot man hole.

He began bucking and thrusting his dick deep into my mouth, bouncing the head off of my back teeth as I jerked his shaft and squeezed it even tight with my fist. Finally, I felt his engorged muscle begin to expand against my tight grip and held it tight between my lips as he shot his load. It was thin and salty and he just shot and shot. I could feel it dripping from the corners of my mouth and running down my chin, joining the sweat that had been raised by the steam room. I tried to swallow as fast as I could, but it was hard to keep up, he blew a bucket full. When he had finished, I ran my tongue all over his shaft, head and balls, sucking up as much of the loose Gay Malaysian cum as I could.

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