Thursday, July 12, 2007

Asian Gay Gallery

His name was angel valentino, the painter of exquisite works of art that hung in an asian gay gallery. The same asian gay gallery which i would soon be immortalized. These were no normal pieces of art. Each painting had a sexually erotic story going on within itself. The reality of each story took my young breath away. I could not escape the gallery, or what happened to me there. with the cold, hard rain pounding the earth, i found myself all alone in this asian gay galley. the walls adorned portraits of asian gay men. two naked asian men loving each other by a brook. a little asian man with his ass in the air getting pounded by a magnificent piece of asian meat. his face filled with ultimate pleasure mixed with pain. my own little asian gay ass began to feel warm.

i want to be in one of angels paintings.

I make my way up the long staircase. everywhere i look in this asian gay gallery i see hot, steamy pictures. thousands and thousands. at the top of the staircase, at the end of the hall, i notice an unpainted canvas. as i walk closer to this empty scene.
i hear a soft voice from behind which tells me to lay down on the floor. turning around, I see nobody. the voice tells me to lay down on the floor and take off all my clothing. as i lay on the floor nude, i am instructed to close my eyes and told to imagine myself bent over naked on a beach surrounded by two gay asian men. each has his cock some where on my body one in my mouth with me sucking hard, and the other in my tight ass, fucking the shit out of me. I ask for permission to to stroke myself and am granted. My dick is so hard from this. I open my eyes and see the pictures on the wall in front of me. fucking hot asian gay galley men getting fucked. getting sucked. shooting hot asian loads everywhere. i can’t take it. here i cum. oh fuck! my juice shoots all over my body.

after i put my clothes back on, i turn around and notice the once blank canvas is painted. I walk closer. I see myself in the picture. on that very same beach, bent over, being love teamed by those same two asian men. our skin glistening in the sun...

forever in an asian gay gallery

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