Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Asian Gay Neighbor

I woke up this morning to the sounds of my asiangay neighbor in the shower. We live in small building so it not surprising how easily the smallest noise will travel. I have only met him a few brief times. Until now, I only assumed him a asiangay man. Beneath the dull whine and scattered splash of water I began to hear a soft noise… a moan.

“Yes,” it whispered, “suck it.”

The words floated to my ear with accepting slurping sounds. I listened intently.

“Oh yeah, take it…”

The voice was low and gruff, not that of my asiangay neighbor. I knew my gay Asian must have been servicing this man and suddenly became very aware of my own morning wood.

The sounds continued and intensified as I reached beneath the covers and began petting my erect rod. I closed my eyes and pictured their wet, naked bodies dripping from the water that showered them.

“Uh, that feels so good… yes.”

The words sent shivers through my body.

“Get up,” the voice demanded. “I wanna fuck your gay Asian ass.”

My dick became painfully hard and I began rubbing my balls. I heard the voice enter my gay Asian neighbor’s love hole.

“Here it comes.”

My neighbor released an accepting sigh through grit teeth.

“That feels good,” the voice said, “it’s so tight.”

Pre-cum leaked on my hand as the grip tightened making my cock smooth and slick. I could hear the voice grunting and the damp skin smacking as he fucked my gay Asian neighbor. The splash of the water between them became faster, harder. Their moans whimpered then yelled.

“Yes, Fuck ME.” My asiangay’s voice screamed.

My body flooded with fever and was sleek with sweat. I clenched harder on my sack as my fingers feverishly stroked my organ, now blazing red. I began to moan with them.

Our voices challenged each other as we all drove to climactic finish.

“FUCK ME HARDER,” my gay Asian neighbor screamed.

The voice became overwhelmed and I could feel both their bodies clench as the voice erupted in heavy blows. I screamed. My grip pulled my balls and seized my rigid shaft as it tensed and exploded a force of cum onto my chest. The heavy breathing of release floated across the air.

I think I will see what my gay Asian neighbor is doing for lunch.

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